It’s Time to Make a Change

Your full-service supplier of nPB degreasing solvents and Perc, methylene chloride and TCE replacements

Many companies want to change from nPB, TCE, Perc and methylene chloride to newer, safer alternatives. But where do you begin? Will you need new degreasers? Will the new solvents work in your application? Are they affordable? Who do you call? Who do you trust?

MicroCare is the world’s vapor degreasing expert. With hundreds of years of combined solvent degreasing expertise, only MicroCare has the solvent answers and the proven track record to help you move into the future. We’ll make the transition easy. We’ll help our customers use their current solvents better, more safely and more economically. Then, when you’re ready, we’ll help you make the change with  nPB replacements, TCE replacements or Perc replacements.

MicroCare Makes Solvent Degreasing Easy…

  • We will review your equipment and processes.
  • Recommend potential replacement solvents.
  • If needed, test-clean your parts in our lab.
  • On-site support you when you’re ready to change.

About This Change

  • Many companies are becoming concerned about their solvent degreasers.
  • nPB, perc, TCE and methylene chloride are under review and face potential restrictions.
  • MicroCare understands these pressures because MicroCare also is one of the largest suppliers of nPB. We have hundreds of users operating degreasers successfully and safely.
  • So life just became simpler. Switch vendors and gain options. MicroCare can help you continue to use nPB or other solvents as long as you reasonably can. Then, when the time is right for you, the experts at MicroCare will help you migrate to a new solvent that’s best for you.

What MicroCare Will Do

  • MicroCare has a team of cleaning engineers, chemists and technical experts with literally hundreds of years of combined critical cleaning experience.
  • These experts help our customers use nPB-based solvents in effective, safe and affordable degreasing systems.
  • When you’re ready, the MicroCare team will help you make a simple transition to a replacement solvent which will deliver comparable cleaning results.
  • Working together, we can make this a smooth and seamless transition.