Defluxing Rosin-Based PCBs

This is a specialized sub-set of general electronics cleaning. The precision cleaning and defluxing of traditional RMA, RA and OA fluxes is seeing a resurgence in the marketplace, as No-Clean fluxes have proven to not be the panacea they were originally proclaimed. Traditional rosin-based formulas are higher in "oils" but lower in salts, resulting in strong, bright solder joints, but also they are actually easier to clean than no-clean formulations. This delivers PCBs with exceptional performance and proven longevity.

MicroCare offers a variety of formulations for the cleaning R, RA, RMA, SA and OA fluxes:

Note: Some highly populated circuit boards may benefit from having super heat in the vapor degreaser. Heating the vapors above their boil point will help drive trapped solvent from under these components, keeping the solvent in the machine, and your product costs down. For more details, contact MicroCare.