Metal Cleaning & Metal Finishing

The metal industry is a diverse manufacturing sector with cleaning needs that vary widely from company to company. Generally, a manufacturer in this group will need to remove machining oils, metal fines, marking inks, greases, fingerprints and/or waxes from components prior to painting, plating, welding or subsequent processing. A key element of success in this industry is to be able to safely displace these soils without causing detrimental effects to the substrate or cause flash-rusting. Further, the process needs to be simple, fast and have the capacity to handle large volumes.

MicroCare offers a number of heavy duty cleaning solvents for metal finishing. These low surface tension fluids permeate into tight spaces and blind holes. They are able to flush out the soils and leave parts clean and dry. Utilizing these cleaning fluids in a vapor degreaser is a fast and economical process, and one that can be automated into standard production lines.

If you were using nPB for Metal Cleaning, you should evaluate: