Oxygen Systems

Oxygen is one of the world's most widely-used industrial gasses. Pure liquid oxygen (“LOX”) is a very strong oxidizer and highly inflammable, even explosive. The maintenance of systems which use, transport or store pure oxygen (either gaseous or liquid) require the greatest care and enormous attention to safety. The cleaning requirements for high-purity oxygen systems are very complex and very stringent.

Maintaining these systems mandates the highest degree of cleaning with a LOX-approved solvent. Obviously, slow-drying fluids are unacceptable because they could be trapped in the system. Flammable liquids, such as alcohols, also are unacceptable for safety reasons. Therefore, for maximum safety, many companies specify oxygen system cleaning must be performed with nonflammable, approved cleaners.

The fastest, most reliable and most consistent results are found by using high-performance MicroCare® products to clean oxygen systems. These include: