Engineering Expertise

Environmentally Safer Choices

 MicroCare is the world-leader in solvent degreasing, with a special emphasis on environmentally-progressive solvent choices. We were the first in the world to introduce circuit board cleaners that were completely safe for stratospheric ozone. We also have introduced low GWP cleaners, halogen-free cleaners and VOC-free cleaners.

Laboratory Testing Available to our Customers

Another item that makes MicroCare different from all the other companies in the business is that MicroCare operates a state-of-the-art applications laboratory where customers can have cleaning studies performed. This ensures your cleaning fluid and cleaning process is perfect for your situation.

Cost Savings

The focus at MicroCare is not just selling solvents at the lowest price. MicroCare also educates customers about the best-in-class degreasing processes, which helps companies save money. We look to the future with the broadest array of solvent cleaners in the industry; when you’re ready we have the answers you will need.

Regulatory Support

Regulatory compliance is another area in which MicroCare helps our customers. Plus, MicroCare also focuses on safety, because a safe environment also is an efficient cleaning environment.

MicroCare takes this responsibility for engineering and stewardship very seriously. In addition to the information and training we provide, MicroCare recommends users satisfy their own curiosity and double-check our facts by researching the products, processes and the competition. Should any person have any concerns about these products, they should contact  their regional MicroCare Sales Engineer.

Learn More About the nPB Change

MicroCare offers a range of safer alternative cleaning fluids that can meet almost any industrial cleaning requirement. These alternative fluids can, in most cases, be used in the same equipment and with the same methodologies.