What MicroCare Will Do For You

MicroCare is helping companies convert from nPB-based solvents to effective, safe and compliant alternatives. The goal of our support is that the replacement fluid will deliver cleaning results as good as or better than nPB at a similar cost-per-part-cleaned.

Ensuring a Smooth and Seamless Transition

Our support is designed to reduce the research and confusion of selecting a new chemistry, and ensuring a smooth and seamless transition. MicroCare can offer this commitment because we have a team of cleaning engineers, chemists and technical staff with literally hundreds of years of combined critical cleaning experience.

How does our program work and what does it provide?

First, we start by listening to you. MicroCare experts will collect information about your current cleaning solvent, your process, cleaning requirements, materials of construction, soils, cleaning equipment and other relevant details.

Next, we provide a recommendation for a compliant replacement specialty solvent.

The third step is to test clean your parts at the MicroCare cleaning lab. Sample parts with the identified soils will be cleaned with the prescribed MicroCare solvent. The process will be fully documented and pictures taken, so that this process can easily be reproduced at the customer’s site. The results will be written up and discussed with you and your team. This service is offered without charge or obligation.

Once the best cleaning fluid has been determined, your regional engineer will work with you on a convenient conversion timeline that minimizes downtime and ensures the transition will be complete as quickly as possible.

Finally, when the conversion begins, MicroCare products are also supported with strong, on-site technical support and a comprehensive product Stewardship Program. This program is designed to help each company lower cleaning costs, improve worker safety and protect the environment. The program educates workers about the cleaning products and processes, plus audits company procedures to ensure everyone works safely and profitably.

Learn More About MicroCare Engineering Expertise

MicroCare supports its products and customers with a “best in class” product stewardship program. The MicroCare Stewardship Program is detailed focused on safety, because a safe cleaning environment also is an efficient cleaning environment. Product safety training, cleaning fluid selection, cleaning system design and operating training and an on-site inspections are all part of the stewardship program.