White Papers & Technical Notes

MicroCare is an industry leader in both R&D of precision cleaning processes as well as documenting the industry’s “best practices.” Here are recent technical papers involving nPB, solvent replacement and vapor degreasing:

Discussion and Comparison of Three Vapor Degreasing Alternatives

Abstract: The purpose of this report is to briefly summarize and compare the efficacy of three popular vapor degreasing solvents: trichloroethylene, n-propyl bromide, and MicroCare CMS cleaning fluid. A brief text description is amplified by comprehensive tables and charts.

First Published: Internal White Paper at MicroCare; Aug 2010

Author: MicroCare Corp.

New Vapor Degreasing Chemistries Remove Difficult Lead-Free and No-Clean Fluxes from Modern PCBs

Abstract: This paper presents a new family of cleaning fluids optimized for difficult no-clean, lead-free and high temperature flux residues on reflowed PCBs. The proposed cleaning fluids are drop-in replacements for nPB and other outdated solvent technology. The improved formulas have low surface tensions (less than 20 dynes/cm), which allow access to low stand-off components and high solvency. The fluids are effective on the most difficult flux formulations and white residues. Visual and quantitative data are presented and a cost analysis assesses the efficacy of solvent vapor cleaning for PCBs.

First Presented: SMTAI International Expo, Sept. 2016

Author: Venesia Hurtubise, Elizabeth Norwood, Wells Cunningham

Avoiding Inflexible Cleaning Processes

Abstract: This analysis presents an improved method for selecting a modern cleaning process for electronics and other critical parts. The advantages of solvent cleaning over water cleaning are discussed, as are the problems with old-style solvents.

First Published: SMT Germany Magazine, Summer 2015

Author: Mike Jones, Sally Stone

Safer Cleaning Chemistries Replace nPB In Aerosols

Abstract: The author evaluates modern, safer cleaning alternatives for nPB cleaners used in aerosol cans.

First Published: Product Finishing Mag. Aug 2015

Author: Mike Jones